Teens Driving Education

Earning a driver’s license is a privilege, not a right, and we take that seriously knowing that you’re going to do this once so why not do it right.

Here’s our teen philosophy: arm students with the road rules and sound driving practices, while coaching parents to be comfortable sliding into the passenger’s seat so that on the day of their driving test, your child arrives a well-rounded driver.

  1. In the classroom, your child will leave with a complete understanding of sound driving principles and the rules of road.
  2. In the car, instructors provide students with meticulous tutoring.
  3. Outside the classroom, we strive to make parents comfortable with helping their children hone those skills.

We know that no two students are alike, and today’s demanding schedules require convenience:

  1. Flexible class schedules to accommodate the busiest teens
  2. Convenient locations next to your high school
  3. Up-to-date curriculums
  4. Real, on road experience. No simulators. No driving ranges.
  5. Our instructors don’t share vehicles, allowing us to offer the most flexible behind the wheel times
  6. Packages designed to begin with the basics and can be customized to meet students’ needs.

To find the package/course that best suits your student’s needs, click to use our convenient package wizard.

Teen Class Schedule FAQs